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About Us


Good health is extremely crucial and a healthy lifestyle is what most people are aiming for these days. Consumers today want more control over their health and in doing so, making healthy food choices is an important part of enhancing their lifestyle. Nutripedia was created as a health intervention tool keeping in mind this consumer need and to address the rising rates of health concerns. We understand that this can be managed and prevented with proper nutrition.

Therefore, Nutripedia as a service by Equinox Labs allows the foodservice industry to contribute towards community health by providing nutritional information to their customers. It is everything you need for your recipe nutrition analysis. It quickly and accurately calculates the nutritional value and gives you a comprehensive nutritional profile for your recipes. Our user-friendly app and web interface allows easy input of recipes. Our expert nutritionists calculate the correct nutritional information and add health badges such as Keto, Gluten-free, Vegan, etc.

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Equinox Labs

Equinox Labs is a leading FSSAI Notified, NABL Accredited and ISO 9001:2015 Certified Food, Water & Air Testing Laboratory and its India’s largest Auditing Agency.
With it’s Quality & Technology focused approach Equinox has gained 14,000+ satisfied clients across the FnB & Corporate Sectors and built a trustworthy relationship with over 40,000 Hotels & Restaurants across India.
Equinox’s 700 auditors in over 150 cities and a comprehensive methodology has made it the top choice in the auditing field.

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